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Active Work Space Solutions

Ergonomic solutions for a healthy & active work life

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Monitor Mounting

Optimize your viewing angles, adjust to the right ergonomic height, and win back valuable desk space with a monitor mount from VIVO.

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Find the perfect balance between sitting and standing with a desk converter from VIVO. Say goodbye to long days of sitting at the office, and end your work day feeling productive and energized.

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We work with retailers and distributors to offer discounts and wholesale pricing on our diverse product selection. We also work with custom orders to provide specialized solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

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At VIVO we are focused on customer satisfaction. Our prompt and friendly customer service will ensure those solutions work for you.


The goal of office ergonomics is to create a workstation that fits you and allows for a comfortable environment. This will help to maximize productivity and efficiency, while positively affecting your overall health. Just by making a few simple ergonomic changes, you can completely transform your workstation and your life.

Why Choose VIVO?

At VIVO, we don’t just sell products, we create solutions for home and office work spaces needs. Most ergonomic products come at a high price. Our mission is to use innovation, creativity, and efficiency to produce a more affordable solution that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

"VIVO is focused on customer satisfaction - everything we do, we do with the customer's best interest in mind."

- Ashlyn

Hear what customers have to say about us

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“This stand up desk is great and affordable. It compares well to more expensive options that I have compared with others in the office. It actually raises and lowers much easier than a lot of others I have tried.”

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“This dual monitor stand is worth the cost. Many manufacturers have moved to cheap plastic parts and poor workmanship to squeeze out profits, putting the bottom line ahead of customer needs. Not these guys!”

on stand-tv03e

“What an extremely great product. One of my favorite purchases. The convenience, the construction, sturdiness and cleanness!! Wow!.. I liked it so much, I got a second one for my office.”